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FORESIGHT: Shaping a better future, together

FORESIGHT is a three-year project for envisioning and bringing about a bold and different future for everyone’s health and well-being.

The initiative provides a space for all people and organizations influencing health and well-being to collectively stretch their thinking and co-create the most novel paths forward. None of us has a crystal ball, so it’s impossible to know what the future will really be. But using advanced foresight techniques like trends analysis and scenario planning—conducted in powerful collaboration with regional multisector partnerships for health, regional residents, futures researchers, national thought leaders, and system architects—we will come to a better understanding of what forces are bound to radically impact our system for health, for better or worse. We will then use that knowledge to determine how regions—and all the diverse sectors and people influencing their health and well-being—can start acting today in ways that will best shape what we envision for tomorrow, and demonstrate how diverse sectors and people can commit to transition plans that will allow them to meet the responsibilities they’re committed to for now without limiting their ability to pursue future goals.

FORESIGHT is an initiative of The Rippel Foundation, created in partnership with Blue Shield of California Foundation. It is actively supported by forward-thinking national and regional philanthropic partners.

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