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FORESIGHT: Shaping a better future, together

FORESIGHT is an initiative of The Rippel Foundation, created in partnership with Blue Shield of California Foundation, and actively supported by forward-thinking national and regional philanthropic partners.

What is the future of health? We consider ourselves to be cutting-edge health philanthropists and, honestly, we’re not sure. What we do know is that while we and others are constantly talking about how to secure a better future, our system for health is spiraling out of control. Analysts project runaway health care costs, inadequate health outcomes, and persistent health disparities for decades to come. Finding a way out of this has been a scary and chaotic endeavor, likely because we’ve all been focused on solving the problems of a system that no longer serves us well rather than challenging ourselves to articulate the kind of system we really need. Therefore, we have taken it upon ourselves to organize an initiative that can produce a clear vision—a shared idea of a radically equitable future where all people are thriving—and a solid understanding of what it would take to establish it. We need a solid start at breaking the country from our entrenched reliance on short-sighted norms and practices.

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