Seeding Innovations in Health

FORESIGHT: Designing the Future for Health

How can we better identify, embrace, and cultivate a leadership role in shaping the future of health, as opposed to simply fixing the broken and obsolete system of the past? A collaborative initiative of The Rippel Foundation, the Blue Shield of California Foundation, The Kresge Foundation, and the Nemours Foundation, FORESIGHT aims to answer this question.

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From the President

It can be tempting to think that America’s health and health care woes are unique to today. And while it’s true that new threats have emerged in response to our changing times, today’s leaders face some of the same fundamental challenges as those many decades ago. We should be light years ahead by now.

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Jim Sonneborn Joins The Rippel Foundation Board of Trustees

James R. Sonneborn joined The Rippel Foundation Board of Trustees in August 2017. Mr. Sonneborn is a Partner and Wealth Advisor at RegentAtlantic, a financial and wealth management company. He has been managing investment portfolios and providing financial advice to both individuals and charitable organizations for nearly 30 years.

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