Local Investments

Good health requires more than just access to traditional health care and preventive services. As part our efforts to rethink what health is and how to build healthy communities, we fund select local programs that provide critical support to some of the most vulnerable people of New Jersey.

Community Soup Kitchen (CSK) in Morristown

The Rippel Foundation supports CSK’s Healthy Choices program, which focuses on clients with chronic illnesses like cancer, diabetes and heart disease. It provides them with healthier meals, take-home foods, and education on healthy lifestyle choices, as well as convenient access to clinical care.

Jersey Battered Women’s Service (JBWS)

JBWS is a full-service domestic violence and domestic abuse prevention agency serving Morris County, New Jersey. Recognizing abuse as one of the major health issues facing men and women in all demographic classifications, the Foundation supports the work of JBWS providing general support for this important regional program.

New Jersey Health Leadership Initiative

After two years of convening a group of healthcare executives from the Medical Society of New Jersey, the New Jersey Association of Health Plans, and the New Jersey Hospital Association, facilitated by the Rippel Foundation, it has become very apparent that a new set of skills is needed for effective leadership to help organizations move from a provider-centric model of care to a model that is patient-and family-centric, and one that should focus on keeping individuals well and avoiding inappropriate hospital admissions. These associations are now partnering with an academic institution to create a leadership academy, the N.J. Health Leadership Initiative, built around “end of life” care as an initial project. The Academy will prepare leaders with new skills, new insights, and new relationships that will enable both proven and emerging leaders to look for new solutions beyond the confines of their own disciplines, and work with teams from across healthcare settings and from different sectors to address challenges in healthcare redesign in new and innovative strategies.