Our Approach

Our Vision

Looking to our country’s history, we can see a clear progression in our endeavors to address illness and ensure health—from bloodletting to biomedical science. But over the past 50 years, we have invested untold billions of dollars in new policies, proposals, and pilot programs, and we still have not developed a realistic solution or strategy to address the complex challenges we now face. Costs continue to soar, huge disparities abound, and Americans’ health status pales in comparison to that of healthier residents of other developed countries.

At the Rippel Foundation, we envision an America in which all the systems that affect health are designed, led, and financed in ways that foster healthy people and thriving communities.

Our Mission and Strategy

To achieve better health, and contain costs, we must simultaneously improve population health and fundamentally redesign how we deliver care. The Rippel Foundation’s mission is to seed and support innovations at the frontiers of this challenging work.

Grounded in the principles of our founding president, Julius A. Rippel, we fulfill this mission by cultivating and growing innovative initiatives that find lasting solutions to complex problems. Our three-part strategy encompasses:

  • targeted research and development projects;
  • partnerships with others that involve exploration, experimentation, deep engagement, and learning; and
  • influence.

We work collaboratively with leaders in philanthropy, corporations, government, and regions to create insights, information, processes, and tools that will lead to improvements for all Americans. Our initiatives uncover and advance new and fundamentally different and better ways to improve health and well-being; ensure quality care; lower healthcare costs; and increase equity, engagement, and productivity.

Our Funding Priorities

The Fannie E. Rippel Foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals for funding. Rather, we request specific proposals from organizations or individuals we identify as essential to advancing our core initiatives.